How to force Directory Synchronization for Office 365

To force synchronization, log into your server that has the Directory Synchronization tool installed.  Open up PowerShell and navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Online Directory Sync.  Then start the Directory Sync Configuration Shell by typing.\DirSyncConfigShell.psc1

This will launch the Directory Synchronization Configuration Shell.  Once this is open you can type the following command to force synchronization:


After this is done, the online portal will show that synchronization has completed recently.

Note that all synchronization events can be found in the Application Event Log on the server that the Directory Synchronization Tool is installed.


  1. tony says:

    The dirysnc process would be even better if you where able to select which accounts acutally got synch’ed up to the cloud.

    Not sure how many customers really want all their AD services accounts etc up on the cloud even if they don’t acutally get used!

    Just seem like this is not being flexible at the moment considering it is basically a cut down version of MIIS…

    Oh and the fact that you can not turn dirsync off once it has been activiate is also limiting.


  2. Todd Nelson says:

    Great post.

    Additional info here regarding MIIS … http://wp.me/p2MZNP-O


  3. Chris Harris says:

    The paths are a little different with the new Windows Azure DirSync, here are updated instructions to manually force dirsync:

  4. Kim says:

    The synchronization schedule function has been redesigned since the release of Azure Active Directory Sync.
    Here is a post how to adjust the frequency of the sync schedule:


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